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NurulQuran invites you all to join us in this Special course

Translation, Tafseer & duas of Surah Al Baqarah & Surah Ale Imran

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For more information Kindly text on 07442 477377

Starting from 30th June 2021 Every Wednesday 10am-12:30pm

Course Fee: Monthly £15 only You can pay in following bank account directly [*Fee concession offered]


Sort code 20-92-63

Account # 23752321

Barclays Bank

Reference: NQZ-Fee

The course will be online at
Zoom (link will be provided ONLY for Registered Students)

Let’s avail the opportunity of learning 2 bright surahs in depth Surah Al-Baqarah & Ale-Imraan and establish a strong relationship with Allah Almighty beidhnillah.