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Takmeel AlQuran

Sabeel Ul Jannah 2019

Started: Mon 17th June’2019

Days: Mon , Thu & Fri ( 3 Days/Week )

Timings:  10am-2pm [Fridays only until 12:30pm]

Duration: 285 Working Days

Curriculum: Tajweed, Translation & Tafseer, Tafheem Us Sunnah, Seerah of Nabi SAW, Personality Development, Home and Time Managment Skills

Books: Lafzi Tarjuma Quran Set (Juz 1-30) {By Maulana Fateh Mohd Jallandhari}
Tafheem Us Sunnah Book Series {By Muhammed Iqbal Kilani} Kitab ut Tawheed,
Itteba e Sunnat Kay Masayel, Kitaab Ut Taharah, Kitaab Ut Salaat, Kitaab Ul Saum,Kitaab Ul Zakaat, Kitaab Ul Hajj

Onsite @ NURULQURAN , 8th Floor , Crown House, North Circular Road NW10 7PN , wembley Also Online on Zoom [Link will be given to fully registered students]

Currently Online on Zoom

Tuition Fee: 
Reg Fee £25 , Tution Fee  £40 / Month [ Fee Concession offered on request]
Fee payment Details will be sent in email.

Clich here to Register